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We are a team of IT and digital marketing solution provider that transform
businesses into digital, serving businesses for their digital journey
and enables them to get fit for the future.

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Award-winning B2B Software Development

Welcome to our award-winning B2B software development services at shazmin it group. With a proven track record of excellence, we specialize in crafting tailored solutions that empower businesses to thrive in the digital landscape. Our dedicated team of experienced developers collaborates closely with clients to bring their innovative ideas to life. At shazmin it group, we understand that cutting-edge software is the cornerstone of modern business success. Our commitment to excellence has earned us prestigious accolades, reaffirming our position as a leader in B2B software development.

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Our bespoke web designing & Development Solutions enable businesses to
leverage digital trends, address market needs, and build competitive advantage.

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Bespoke Web Designing & Development Solutions For Businesses

Discover the power of bespoke web design and development as we transform your online presence. Our expert team crafts personalized solutions that align perfectly with your business goals, ensuring a unique and captivating website....

Bespoke Mobile Apps Design Solutions For Businesses

Your partner in crafting exceptional mobile app experiences. Our bespoke mobile app design solutions cater to the unique needs of businesses, ensuring seamless integration of functionality and aesthetics....

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Dedicated Development Team

Committed to turning your ideas into reality. Our experts collaborate seamlessly with your goals, ensuring tailored solutions that accelerate your projects. With a deep pool of talents, we provide flexible scalability and a wealth of skills....

Diverse Skillset
Talent Retention


we've been fortunate enough to serve these organizations & more as partners


The dedication and expertise of ShazminIT's team have truly exceeded our expectations. They transformed our vision into reality seamlessly. Highly recommended!

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Steve Johnson

Director, One Golf Network Ltd.


They built a complex tee time booking system that was deployed at UK golf clubs. They were extremely committed to making a successful product for us—and they did.

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Director, One Golf Network Ltd.


They built a complex tee time booking system that was deployed at UK golf clubs. They were extremely committed to making a successful product for us—and they did.

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Director, One Golf Network Ltd.

Our Achievements

Founded in 2021, today Shazmin IT Group is one of the top players in the software product development industry
in the Pakistan.


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the Market


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Shazmin IT Group works with you from the initial concept stage of your Designing & Development requirement.
Utilizing industry best practices, our team can help you visualize and fine-tune your software application early on.
We then take it through world-class design and development, leading to a carefully planned roll-out and backed
by highly reliable ongoing technical support.

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UI/UX Design

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Testing and Quality Assurance

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Deployment and Support

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What does GoodCore offer besides bespoke software development solutions? +

Besides bespoke software development, GoodCore offers comprehensive services including UI/UX design, quality assurance, maintenance, mobile app and web development, e-commerce solutions, data analytics, and digital transformation. With a client-focused approach, they provide end-to-end support to drive business growth and success in the digital realm.

What technologies do you work on? +

We specialize in a wide range of technologies, including but not limited to Python, Java, C#, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript (Node.js, Angular, React), mobile app development (iOS, Android), cloud platforms (AWS, Azure), and database management (SQL, MongoDB). Our expertise empowers us to tailor solutions that align with diverse tech stacks and project requirements.

Why should I hire a software development company for my business? +

Hiring a software development company offers expertise, efficiency, and a strategic approach. Professionals bring diverse skills, ensuring high-quality solutions. Outsourcing reduces overhead costs and accelerates project completion. With a focus on innovation, a company navigates complexities, delivers tailored products.

How detailed a set of requirements is needed to get a project estimation for us? +

While a comprehensive set of requirements is ideal, a basic understanding of project scope, objectives, and key features is sufficient for an initial estimation. As details evolve, a more accurate estimate can be provided. Clear communication during the process ensures the project's success and minimizes potential discrepancies.

What are your software development costs? +

Software development costs vary based on project complexity, features, technology, and scope. Each project is unique, necessitating a tailored approach to determine costs. We provide transparent pricing after evaluating your requirements, ensuring you receive a fair and accurate estimate aligned.

How can I get started with bespoke software development? +

To embark on bespoke software development, begin by outlining your project's goals, features, and requirements. Research and identify a reputable software development company. Schedule a consultation to discuss your vision, allowing them to provide insights, strategies, and an estimated.